UPDATE: This very wiki and Lawl Genesis will be abandoned Edit

Reason: Apparently, there's ANOTHER version of Lawl Genesis in the works... so y'know what? For the new creator's sake, I'll change my version. Will put a link to the new wiki once ready.

CHANGE WILL BE MADE SOON. also ill be removing the Pivot Stickman page.

Welcome to the Smash Bros Lawl Genesis WikiEdit

A random wiki for a fake and probably bad spin off of chincherrinas' Smash Bros Lawl made by a random guy (DrLawl66) just for fun.

NOTE: WIP (also NSFW... usually.)Edit

Make no mistake: This is a HEAVY WIP. Also be aware of weird crap you would be glad NOT seeing.

The Lastest in Lawl News (Recent Activity)Edit

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